The Vanguard


The Vanguard


“I tell you that if there is any class of people who need to be lifted out of their airy nothings and selfishness, it is the white women of America.” - Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, 1866

Meet the woman fierce enough to say that directly to ElizCadyStanton & Susan B Anthony. 🧵

Episode 3 of Amended podcast is devoted to Frances Ellen Watkins Harper & her lonely post-Civil War effort to explain intersectionality. Hear her brought to life by @shariabenn and discussed in detail by Prof. Bettye Collier-Thomas. 

Finally, the wait is over, and you can now read @MarthaSJones_’s Vanguard to situate Frances in the context of the whole struggle. I picked up my copy today!!!

Hear Prof. Collier-Thomas next week in a symposium hosted by @womensvote100 - 9/25. Meanwhile, read excerpts of Frances’ 1866 speech 👇 calling white women to account.

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Daily Suffragist


Sept 16, 2020


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