What Seneca Falls wasn't


What Seneca Falls wasn't


What Seneca Falls wasn’t: It wasn’t the first time these ideas were contemplated. Stirrings of women’s equality are threaded thru the abolitionist movement. And since 300 locals showed up on short notice, clearly it was being discussed in many homes. Thread.

It wasn’t free of racism. The Declaration avers: “He has withheld from her rights which are given to the most ignorant and degraded men-both natives and foreigners.” White women’s enduring frustration that men whom they see as lesser can vote & they can’t is present fr early on.

It wasn’t the first time suffrage was contemplated, and it didn’t become a Watershed Event until decades later. Lisa Tetrault’s book The Myth of Seneca Falls explores in detail how and why it did: https://t.co/ZNnY152Acg

Eleanor Flexner says we can see #SenecaFalls as the birth of the movement when we recall that a lot of growing precedes a birth. #Suffrage100 #VotesForWomen #WomensHistory #KnowYour19th 


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