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Daily Suffragist on Twitter- -This sounds really exciting - -OTD news clippings about voting women- every day in 2020- Follow -WomenVote100 -Suffrage100 -KnowYour19th- - Twitter 8-23-2020 12-35-56 PM.png
This sounds really exciting - #OTD news clippings about voting women, every day in 2020. Follow @WomenVote100 #Suffrage100 #KnowYour19th  Hey friends! I'm experimenting with digital research/teaching for the suffrage centennial. Each day in 2020,…

Daily Suffragist on Twitter- -Leaving this right here-- - Twitter 8-23-2020 1-42-47 PM.png
Leaving this right here.  Why *wasn’t* the centennial coin created a long time ago? No one knows. — Philip Bump (@pbump) November 26, 2019

-2- Daily Suffragist on Twitter- -Hey -USTreasury - I’d rather pay with Tubmans- thanks- -Suffrage100- - Twitter 8-24-2020 9-50-56 PM.png
Hey @USTreasury - I’d rather pay with Tubmans, thanks. #Suffrage100  In honor of the 2020 centennial of the 19th Amendment, the U.S. Mint plans to issue a silver medal commemorating the women’s suffrage anniversary. Learn more about potential medal…

What if suffrage leaders from US, UK, Canada, Europe were all in one room? In they are! Check out the project @CentOfSuffrage and the amazing, interactive painting by Mireille Miller. #Suffrage100 #KnowYour19…
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