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Bloomers weren't invented by Amelia Bloomer - she heard about them from a woman who saw them in Europe. They were huge! Parachute pants under a knee-length skirt. But the floor-length, corseted dress "respectable" women otherwise wore made it hard to…


Dr. Walker in men's dress, standing.
PART II. In 1865 Pres. Andrew Johnson awarded Dr. Mary Walker the Medal of Honor. Dr. Walker wore the medal pinned to her suit coat every day for the rest of her life. In 1917, her medal was rescinded along w/those of 911 men, for want of direct…

Albany NY is very cold in winter. So when women came from all over the state in February 1854 for the second NY Women’s Rights Convention, it was freezing. @AlbanyMuskrat evokes the scene: “We can imagine scores of women trudging up the hill to the…

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