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A woman who wanted to be a doctor in the 1850’s more or less needed to start her own medical school. When Elizabeth Blackwell applied in 1847, she was turned down everywhere. Harvard, Yale, Bowdoin, and every medical school in New York City and…

Memphis in the 1880s was still rebuilding from the war and the yellow fever epidemics. It wasn’t a very big place. The two women discussed yesterday - Julia Hooks & Elizabeth Meriwether - were each elites in their own circles. Did they ever meet?…

Anne Firor Scott died last year, having expanded the history of what she called "one half the people." 👇"In 1961 the history department at Duke found itself with an opening and invited her to fill it 'until we can find somebody.'" 

In the 1830s, 1840s, 1850s, 1860s, 1870s, and 1880s, women’s rights was a marginal, oddball cause. Focusing on the mesmerizing women who demanded equality makes it jarring to zoom out & see how fringe they were. A college commemoration reminded…

Second & third generation suffragists had much more access to formal education than the women who came before them. Anna Julia Cooper, Mary Church Terrell, and Ida Gibbs Hunt graduated from @oberlincollege in 1884. 🧵 They weren’t the first Black…
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