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Meet a suffragist who began her career canvassing Kansas in 1867 -- and ended it in 1918 burning Woodrow Wilson’s speeches by the White House. In today’s episode of Suffrage Powerhouses We’ve Hardly Heard Of . . . Rev. Olympia Brown worked with Susan…

The current administration’s anti-immigrant crusade includes punishing mixed status families whenever possible - like excluding citizens from emergency aid if they’re married to non-citizens. As @ProfGidlow recently pointed out here, this isn’t new.…

-10- Daily Suffragist on Twitter- -My -StateoftheWeek feature is a history of sisyphean effort- From 1867-1918- women lobbied male voters in 56 state referenda- most of them fruitless- The 1st was -Kansas- a disast.png
My #StateoftheWeek feature is a history of sisyphean effort. From 1867-1918, women lobbied male voters in 56 state referenda, most of them fruitless. The 1st was #Kansas, a disaster that pitted white women against black men. Neither won. Women didn't…
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