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The 14th Amdt’s Biggest Failure, or Women Excluded for Naught: a long thread. Two decades after the Civil War, it was as though it had never happened. Instead of the safety to work their land and vote, Black families were re-enslaved as sharecroppers…

The hashtag #HATM stands for historians at the movies; is there an opera equivalent?! Saw “The Mother of Us All” last night. Happy to report that the all-♀️ artistic team: @dcandillari & Louise Proske + @FeliciaLMoore in the title role gave a…

Law School by Tweet: Minor v Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875) Over and over in the 19th century, African-Americans, Chinese-Americans, and women asked the Court to find that the promises of the Constitution applied to us too. Over and over the Court…
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