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Have you heard the story of the young legislator who was the hero of Tennessee’s ratification of the 19th Amendment? I’m not talking about Harry Burn. Harry Burn has gotten way more ink than he’s due. He was a young member of the Tenn. Assembly who…

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Charles Lenox Remond Boston Public Library.jpg
Charles Lenox Remond was the most prominent Black abolitionist in the US until he was overshadowed by Frederick Douglass. Remond’s commitment to women’s rights was as deep as FD’s, maybe deeper. He should be remembered for his feminism. Long…

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#MenOfSuffrage Not a pin-up calendar--though maybe it should be. It's a guest post! Stay tuned for a terrific thread by Hélène Quanquin @HQuanquin about her new book on men in the American women's rights movement, 1830-1890. Her subtitle, Cumbersome…
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