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Sometimes your heroes really disappoint. I’m not talking about Stanton or Anthony or Alice Paul. I’m talking about Ray Frank. Frank was the first Jewish woman to preach from a pulpit in the US - before a crowd of 1,000 people. Thread. The story is…

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Have you heard about the time Frederick Douglass, Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, Mary Ann Shadd Cary, and Belva Lockwood all occupied the Washington, D.C. Board of Elections?  #DCStatehood Thread  It’s April 14, 1871. DC’s first city-wide election was less…

Washington becomes a separate territory from Oregon in 1853. At the first meeting of its independent legislature, a man named Arthur Denny proposes “to allow all white females over the age of 18 years to vote.” The bill fails 9-8. #StateOfTheWeek…
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