Lucy Stone's tax protest


Lucy Stone's tax protest


Mr. Mandeville, Tax Collector, Sir:--Enclosed I return my tax bill, without paying it. My reason for doing so is, that women suffer taxation, and yet have no representation, which is not only unjust to one-half the adult population, but is contrary to our theory of government.

Lucy Stone sent that letter to the Orange, New Jersey tax authorities on Dec 18, 1858. They seized her tables and chairs and 2 portraits and sold them at auction to satisfy her tax debt. #Suffrage100 #VotesforWomen 


Daily Suffragist




-6- Daily Suffragist on Twitter- -Mr- Mandeville- Tax Collector- Sir---Enclosed I return my tax bill- without paying it- My reason for doing so is- that women suffer taxation- and yet have no representation- which is not only unjust to  (1).png


Daily Suffragist, “Lucy Stone's tax protest,” Daily Suffragist, accessed May 15, 2021,

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