Voting rights today


Voting rights today


IHO the beginning of our centennial year, a quick spotlight on PRO-voting, anti-suppression tools. While some states are making it harder to vote, these are ways to EXPAND access to the ballot - and they're growing! See end for how to bring these tools to your state.

Early vote! 39 states let you vote before Election Day - some as early as 45 days in advance, some just a week or so. Early voting not only gives you more opportunity to vote, it gives you more time to correct or contest errors that could impede you.

Vote by mail 28 states will mail you a ballot if you ask, no explanation required. 5 states vote ENTIRELY by mail. In CO, WA, OR & now UT & HI every registered voter automatically gets a ballot. Hawaii has been dead last in voter turnout for years - let's see what happens!

Same-day registration 21 states let you register ON Election Day. The rest close registration as early as 30 or as late as 8 days before the election. Why 30-days? Well, you (used to) need time to mail each polling place a new print-out of the voter roll!

Automatic registration Federal law requires states to sync voter registration with driver licensing. Some states do a good job updating voter rolls when you move or change your name; others not. In some states agencies like health or housing services can register you too.

Teen pre-registration 14 states allow teens to pre-register as young as 16. There's evidence that early participation 👉 lifetime higher participation. Almost every other state lets you register before you turn 18 if you will be 18 by Election Day.

Restoration of rights VT & ME never take away your right to vote when you’re convicted. 10 states take it away forever for all or some crimes. The rest are somewhere in between. Incarceration is the punishment, loss of citizenship shouldn’t be. See here.

RCV, FRV & other acronyms So many creative things states can do to make your vote easier to cast and more equal: ranked choice voting and fair representation voting are exciting ways to get better, more representative results. See @FairVote for these & other ideas.

National Popular Vote Compact: We are closer than you think to a plan that would nullify the power of the Electoral College. It's good for both parties and all people. Ask @JesseWegman - he’ll tell you. Read more 👇

I hope I’ve convinced you there’s reason for optimism in expanding our access to the ballot. Many terrific groups are working on this, inc. @LawyersComm, @BrennanCenter, @CommonCause Find out what advances your state could add and take action! #Suffrage100


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