500 years of women's work


500 years of women's work


My first surprise of the exhibit #500yearsofwomenswork @grolierclub today was that it was packed. About 100 people came to hear the #lisaungerbaskincollection described by Lisa herself. So many gems: -

The pamphlet Ida B Wells wrote with Frederick Douglass & Ferdinand Barnett, sitting at a desk in the Haitian Pavilion at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1873. Ida wanted to explain what visitors to the fair were not seeing, so they wrote "The Reason Why The Colored American is not in the World's Columbian Exposition." It was thrilling to see an original.

Wonderful suffrage items from the US and UK, including a gorgeous certificate of honor made by the Pankhursts for Rosa May Billinghurst, a radical disabled suffragette I can’t wait to learn more about.

Emma Goldman is a particular interest of the collection, and some choice items are on display. Emma & Alex. Berkman wrote Deportation: Its Meaning and Menace while jailed at Ellis Island, awaiting deportation 100 years ago.

If you’re in NYC before Feb 8, the exhibit is free and open most days. The collection is gloriously presented online, item by item:

Enjoy! #Suffrage100


Daily Suffragist






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