ERA update


ERA update


Wanna know what's happening w/ERA ratification but afraid to ask? @ProfTracyThomas has a concise summary.
But if even that's too long, start here:

1. The deadline isn't required & it isn't binding & Congress can modify it.
2. Can states rescind? Unclear.

Q: Which states sought to rescind in the 70's?
A: Nebraska, Tenn, S.Dakota, Idaho & Kentucky.

In Kentucky, Lt Gov Thelma Stovall used her power as acting governor to veto the bill. Her reasoning:

Q: How many states had female governors in the 1970s?
A: 2


Daily Suffragist




-4- Daily Suffragist on Twitter- -Wanna know what-s happening w-ERA ratification but afraid to ask- -ProfTracyThomas has a concise summary- But if even that-s too long- start here- 1- The deadline isn-t required -amp- it isn-t binding -amp-.png


Daily Suffragist, “ERA update,” Daily Suffragist, accessed December 4, 2022,

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