The Mother of Us All, part I


The Mother of Us All, part I


Susan B Anthony was a lesbian. There’s solid evidence of her romantic relationships with women, and contrary evidence doesn’t exist. You didn’t know? Me neither. 🙁Patriarchy is very, very powerful. But in 1946 another dyke came along and brought Susan B. out of the closet.🧵

Gertrude Stein - also a lesbian! (That you knew.) Right after WWII, composer Virgil Thomson and Gertrude got a commission for a new opera, their 2d collaboration. He suggested they write something about 19th century American politics. Gertrude immediately thought about Susan B.

Stein & Thomson wrote The Mother of Us All. It's still widely performed. It opens with Susan B at home, discussing patriarchy with another woman, “Anne.” Most productions play it gay, referencing Susan’s relationships w. women including Anna Dickinson.

Some play it straight and insist that Anne is Anna Howard Shaw, Susan B’s successor in the movement - and the life partner of her niece Lucy Anthony. I'll be at @MetMuseum tonight to see @JuilliardSchool production - will report back. 


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-4- Daily Suffragist on Twitter- -Susan B Anthony was a lesbian- There’s solid evidence of her romantic relationships with women- and contrary evidence doesn’t exist- You didn’t know- Me neither- 🙁Patriarchy is very- very powerful-.png


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