Lavinia Dock


Lavinia Dock


Every day is a good day to pay tribute to nurses, esp now. Lavinia Dock helped professionalize nursing before devoting the second half of her life to suffrage. She began her career alongside Clara Barton, then spent 20 yrs as a settlement house colleague of Lillian Wald. 🧵

A head nurse at @JohnsHopkins @IJHNursing, Lavinia Dock wrote nursing’s 1st textbook in 1890, wrote a column on global public health for the American Journal of Nursing, helped organize the National Assoc. of Colored Graduate Nurses, and co-wrote 2-volume “History of Nursing.”

She became more radical as she aged. She joined the Women’s Trade Union League & walked the picket line in the 1909 shirtwaist strike. She advocated for access to info. about birth control & STDs. She insisted nurses should embrace their working class patients, not remain aloof.

Lavinia Dock walked both the Albany & Washington suffrage hikes in the winter of 1912-13 as “Surgeon General” to the hikers. I am fairly sure she is the woman on the far right below, en route from NYC to Washington for the Inaugural protest.

In 1917 she joined the Natl Woman’s Party picketing the White House. She was arrested 3x & jailed at Occoquan Workhouse. Photo👇of 1 of her arrests. “I believe that going to jail gave me a purer feeling of unalloyed content than I ever had in any of my other work.” #Suffrage100 


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