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Publishing a newspaper was the most reliable way to get your message out. It took a huge capital investment - the press, the paper, the subscription list, the cost of delivery, for starters. It was so necessary that all the leading suffragists did it, but so expensive and laborious they didn’t usually do it very long. Most of these papers didn’t survive more than a few years. But the mainstream press wasn’t going to publish what women activists wanted to say, so they cultivated their own audiences and printed their own papers.

There are too many to name here; above are just the ones mentioned by @DailySuffragist over the past 11 months. Reading them is thrilling, and easy - the ones that survive are mostly digitized. The folks at @accessarchives have a marvelous collection, via library subscription. 

The Woman’s Era is digitized by the Emory Women Writers Project. The Woman’s Journal is at
@HarvardLibrary in a splendid open interface. The Staten Island Museum has an amazing collection of the Suffragist, easily readable online. @SIMuseum

So much more - enjoy!


Daily Suffragist




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