Listen up! Podcast reviews.


Listen up! Podcast reviews.


So many podcasts! At least 4 new podcasts celebrate the centennial. If only someone would listen to all of them and recommend-- @DailySuffragist, at your service.

They each have strengths, and appeal to subtly different audiences. I listened to all available episodes + a preview of one show. So many marvelous experts were generous with their time. All four podcasts feature @MarthaSJones_, who says something insightful and different in each. Other frequent fliers who offer wonderful commentary include @aklange1 @LisaTetrault2 @EllenDubois10 & @efweiss5.

SheVotes! is hosted by @LynnSherr & @EllenGoodman, experts who have devoted their lives to sharing women’s history with mainstream audiences. Highlights inc. @PainterNell on Sojourner Truth, a great bit on Alice Duer Miller, and the ultimate coup: Christine Baranski as Susan B Anthony.

And Nothing Less has star power: it’s hosted by ROSARIO DAWSON and @unfoRETTAble, with great music and the highest production values of the bunch. It’s the only one hosted by women of color; their ownership of this American story feels very satisfying.

Waiting for Liberty begins with the common “I didn’t know anything about suffrage/I wasn’t taught this in school” refrain that I find off-putting. It’s a form of Female Apology Syndrome and a rationalization of ignorance that is too common in talking about race and sex. But I stuck with it…

...and was rewarded with the chance to meet suffragist Helen Hamilton Gardener, courtesy of @ProfessorHamlin, and others whose work is less familiar, like @CorinneField. For better/worse, host Maggie Hart is doing Women’s Studies 101; she begins with a good explanation of coverture.

Starting August 26 you can listen to Amended, which is the deepest dive of the four. Hosted by Prof. Laura Free, it is the most coherent and purposeful effort by a white historian to grapple with the racism that pervades the struggle. Black suffragists are foundational here, not extra. The second episode, in which @MarthaSJones_ tells the stories of three enslaved women, is breathtaking. Do not miss learning about the gift enslaved women gave all others in asserting their right to bodily autonomy. And how deeply embedded is the intimate disloyalty and complicity of white women. It’s 🔥🔥

Best all-around introduction is And Nothing Less; serious students shouldn’t miss Amended. But all four of them taught me something new or made me think of something in a new way. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to create these podcasts, and to tell these stories. They’re just getting started, so listen and share them over the months ahead.


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