Du Bois of Great Barrington


Du Bois of Great Barrington


W.E.B.DuBois grew up in Great Barrington, Mass. and kept fond ties to the town all his life. His family periodically took refuge there when white supremacist violence made Atlanta too dangerous, and his wife Nina and two children are buried there. DuBois thread.

Great Barrington in 1885 had 4,471 residents, of whom 107 were Black. William Edward Burghardt Du Bois had just graduated valedictorian of the small local high school - here, with his class - and was headed to Fisk U.

He later recalled that “History and English, ancient languages and mathematics were...well taught, although the history was conventional rather than critical.”

Really exciting opportunity to hear DuBois’ “Black Reconstruction in America” being read aloud by a superstar lineup @TheReadInSeries. The first chapters dropped yesterday--with Phylicia Rashad & @YNB --and the series will continue through Election Day.

DuBois supported women’s suffrage strongly, though he didn’t always support strong women. Read about his suffrage activity here 👇 and below. #suffrage100 #19thAmendment #BlackSuffragists


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