Best film to show your class


Best film to show your class


If I told you there was a suffrage documentary that began with Lucretia Mott and ended with Fannie Lou Hamer, that felt contemporary and engaging for students of all ages, and that was only 44 minutes, would you want to hear more? Student multi-media thread.

“She the People” was made for Smithsonian Channel. Smithsonian curators like @kate_c_lemay and @cmmphd are the talking heads, and items from the collection - like Susan B’s red shawl - are focal points. The live reenactments might not be to everyone’s taste, but the extensive colorized photographs are incredible.

It’s accurate, inclusive, and did I mention only 44 minutes? The only challenge is finding it. Go to Google Play and search “She the People” and you can watch for $1.99. Theoretically available elsewhere, but 🤷

And one more podcast…

Adding to my serial podcast roundup from a few weeks ago: The Magic Sash is aimed at kids 9-13. I tried it out on three kids 9-13, and they actually asked to keep listening. Mary Ann Shadd Cary would have fit in to the time travel plot nicely, but overall it’s not bad.


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