Jeannette Rankin's Election


Jeannette Rankin's Election


Photoshop was invented in 1987 - but this photo of Jeannette Rankin was edited a long time before that. Read on . . . 

On the morning Rankin was sworn in as the first Congresswoman ever, the dueling white women’s suffrage groups both celebrated. Rankin waved from NAWSA headquarters w/leader Carrie Catt behind her. But when the photo ran in the paper of the National Woman’s Party, Catt was gone.

Was NWP literally erasing Catt from the narrative? Or did they just want a cleaner photo? NWP didn’t disparage NAWSA in public, though they weren’t above a subtle dig. 🤷‍♀️

I heard a few songs tonight from “Jeannette” - the musical! by @ariannaafsar & @LalaTellsAStory. I got chills when they told the story of the trunks of mail Rankin received from women all over the nation who finally felt represented by her. 

Big props to Ari and Lauren for using sneak peaks of the show to ELECT MORE WOMEN. Follow them for details. 💜💛 #UntilThereAre535 


Daily Suffragist


Sept 25, 2020


Rankin with Catt LOC.jpg
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