Was there ever a more hopeless quest?


Was there ever a more hopeless quest?


"What can women offer to offset the influences behind these bodies? They have no money to contribute for party purposes. They represent no constituency and can not pledge a single vote, a situation in which no other class is placed.

They ask men to divide a power of which they now have a monopoly; to give up a sure thing for an uncertainty; to sacrifice every selfish interest-- and all in the name of abstract justice, a word which has no place in politics. Was there ever apparently a more hopeless quest?"

- Ida Husted Harper, 1902

The poster is from Lisa Unger Baskin's extraordinary collection @DukeLibraries. It was probably printed in 1915, when New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut & New Jersey had suffrage referenda on the ballot. Men voted them down in every state.


Daily Suffragist


Oct 14, 2020


Vote Yes Poster Baskin collection.jpg
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Daily Suffragist, “Was there ever a more hopeless quest?,” Daily Suffragist, accessed September 27, 2022, https://dailysuffragist.omeka.net/items/show/530.

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