Who made this?


Who made this?


One of these sculptures was made by a man, one by a woman. You can guess, right? (Representation of power thread.) 

Luciano Garbati says his “Medusa With The Head of Perseus” is a statement about avenging sexual violence. It was installed this month by the NY Criminal Court, which the project describes as “the location of high profile abuse cases including the recent Harvey Weinstein trial.” 

.@AnneMartinConn has a pretty fabulous take on what’s wrong with it, which I highly recommend. Luckily, it’s only temporary. Let's look at the other sculpture... 

Katherine Lane Weems made “Striding Amazon” in 1926 to dramatize women’s fight to compete at the Olympics. Athletes, led by Frenchwoman Alice Milliat, were agitating for inclusion. The IOC stonewalled. So in 1922 Milliat organized the Women’s World Games instead.

Weems didn’t sculpt many other humans, and was rarely overtly political after this piece. Interestingly, it wasn’t cast until 1981. At that point Weems was 82 years old. She reworked it slightly, changing the rock in the woman’s hand to a lump of clay and retitling it “Revolt.” 

It is the opening artwork in the @mfaboston exhibit, Women Take the Floor. Curator Nonie Gadsden wrote about this work and others; there’s a nice virtual tour on the website: https://t.co/NnmpuG5j3D

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Daily Suffragist


Oct 30, 2020


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