Another Harriet you should know


Another Harriet you should know


Yes, they had a bake sale.
Black & white men & women didn’t share public space in the 1830s. Female Anti-Slavery Societies were an exception, esp Philadelphia’s. It was founded by Lucretia Mott & 17 other women, inc. Harriet Forten Purvis, her mother & sisters. [Re-doing this!]

The Phila. Female Anti-Slavery Society persisted thru violent opposition: in 1838 the hall where they met was set on fire; the next year no one would rent them space so they met in a stables. They raised funds with an annual craft & bake sale, which Harriet chaired for 20 years.

Harriet & her husband were both wealthy, prominent African Americans. She supported the Free Produce Movement, boycotting slave labor cotton & sugar. She was also devoted to woman suffrage; stay tuned for which side she supported when the movement split over the 15th Amendment.

Harriet’s husband Robert was a devoted abolitionist as well. He was also a Jew of Color. (His maternal grandparents were Jewish; I do not know if he ID’d as a Jew.) He's next to Lucretia Mott 👇 w/other members of the Phila. Anti-Slavery Society in 1851, after it admitted women.

I don’t know if Lucretia will ever be a hot baby name, but I’m hoping to bring Harriet back. #HarrietOfTheWeek


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