The New Departure - Susan B.


The New Departure - Susan B.


In the Presidential election of 1872, Ulysses S Grant was challenged by Horace Greeley. Grant was corrupt and incompetent, and Greeley opposed suffrage. Women voters didn’t have much of a choice - which was appropriate, since there weren’t any women voters.

Susan B Anthony was already famous when she & 14 other women successfully registered to vote in Rochester NY. At the polls on Nov 5 1872, their credentials were challenged. The state inspectors asked under oath if Anthony was a citizen, if she lived in the district, and

...if she had accepted any bribe for her vote. She said no. They accepted her ballot. 12 days later she was under arrest. @AnnDGordon tells the whole story: They weren’t the only women who tried to vote. 

The New Departure was a direct action and litigation strategy: women would try to vote, be turned away, then sue the registrar. The goal was to get the Supreme Court to say the 14th & 15th Amendments defined voting as an inherent right of citizenship for all. #Suffrage100 


Daily Suffragist




-1- Daily Suffragist on Twitter- -In the Presidential election of 1872- Ulysses S Grant was challenged by Horace Greeley- Grant was corrupt and incompetent- and Greeley opposed suffrage- Women voters didn’t have mu.png


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