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Centennial Twitter Collection


2020 Centennial of Women's Suffrage Amendment


Rachel B. Tiven




August 2019 to August 2020



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Susan B on trial
Susan B Anthony voted 147 years ago today. For this she was arrested, and tried in federal court in Canandaigua NY the following June. She was represented by Henry Selden, a retired judge who laid out her case for why the 14th Amdt provided her the…

How we know and why it matters
Anna Dickinson was a lesbian, as Matt Gallman demonstrates in his 2006 biography. He quotes Dickinson’s steamy correspondence with a variety of women, including Susan B Anthony(!), and acknowledges her female partner of 30 years, but hesitates to…

Black Memphis, white Memphis
Julia Hooks bought a ticket at a downtown Memphis theater. It was 1881 and "Hermann the Magician" was a hit. She was making her way to her seat when two policemen grabbed her. They ripped her dress in the struggle, arresting her as she cried: “Let go…

Dr. Walker, part I
The only woman ever awarded the Medal of Honor - the US military’s highest decoration - was a genderqueer Civil War surgeon named Dr. Mary Edwards Walker.Walker was a suffragist, a veteran and POW, and a talented doctor who challenged convention in…

Dr. Walker part II
PART II. In 1865 Pres. Andrew Johnson awarded Dr. Mary Walker the Medal of Honor. Dr. Walker wore the medal pinned to her suit coat every day for the rest of her life. In 1917, her medal was rescinded along w/those of 911 men, for want of direct…

Sojourner speaks
Day 1! Counting down 366* days to the centennial of the 19th Amendment. So much to tell, so much to learn. No better leader to begin with than Sojourner Truth: orator, abolitionist, suffragist. Check out www.thesojournertruthproject.com/ to compare…

Meet Lucy Burns
Lucy Burns. She and Alice Paul were the Stanton & Anthony of the 3d generation. They met in jail in the UK learning from the Pankhursts & bonded over the slugishness of the movement at home. Together they picketed the White House, then jail, hunger…

Female Anti-Slavery Convention in New York
The National Female Anti-Slavery Convention in 1837 was the 1st convention where women discussed women's rights. Delegates traveled to NYC for 4 days of debate. Lucretia Mott was there, and so were the Grimke sisters. Ira V. Brown describes their…

Deeds, Not Words
Seems like a day to note that in the UK, the struggle included violence. Window-smashing, bombings, arson, resisting arrest, public suicide... Their slogan was Deeds, Not Words. A very general overview & great images: https://t.co/y74uLMBQaB

New Jersey stood alone
Everything is legal in New Jersey. Including, til 1807 voting by white women who owned property & were unmarried. If married, their legal existence (and property) disappeared into their husband. If Black, they were likely enslaved: NJ clung to…
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