• Suffragist v. Suffragette - U.S. women were called suffragists. Suffragette was a British coinage; it originated as a slur, intended to belittle the radical branch of the movement and distinguish them from the more mainstream suffragists.

  • Voting Rights - After the ratification of the 19th Amendment, “suffrage” was replaced by “voting rights” in the ongoing work for access to the ballot for all citizens. 

  • AERA - American Equal Rights Association, 1866-1869 

  • Women’s National Loyal League - Civil War abolitionist group.

  • AWSA v. NWSA v. NAWSA - AWSA was the American Woman Suffrage Association; NWSA was its rival, the National Woman Suffrage Association. The two merged in 1890, creating NAWSA, the National American. 

  • NACW - National Association of Colored Women, founded in 1896. Effectively the third branch of the movement in the 1910s, alongside NWP & NAWSA.

  • WCTU - Women’s Christian Temperance Union 

  • WTUL - Women’s Trade Union League 

  • Women’s Political Union - founded in New York by Harriot Stanton Blatch in 1907, originally called the Equality League of Self-Supporting Women

  • WSPU - Women's Social and Political Union, UK radical group founded by Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters

  • NWP/CC/CU - Alice Paul & Lucy Burns' group functioned under three different names from 1913-1920: Congressional Committee, Congressional Union, and ultimately the National Woman's Party.