@DailySuffragist is a public history project that began on August 26, 2019. Every day of the 19th Amendment centennial year - and beyond - the column told a new story of women’s century-plus fight for full citizenship. This website archives the project’s Twitter posts, with live links at the bottom of each entry; @DailySuffragist is also published on Facebook and Instagram. Ida B. Wells’ image was used as an avatar with the permission of Michelle Duster, Ida’s great-granddaughter.

Most posts are written by Rachel B. Tiven, a civil rights activist turned historian. Rachel was 10 years old when she began pondering how women won the vote if they couldn’t vote to change the law. This project is her attempt to find out. She is now earning a PhD; hear her interviewed on the Thought Project podcast about what she learned from the suffrage story and why she decided to go to graduate school.

For ideas, queries, feedback, or to schedule speaking engagements and school presentations that connect voting rights past with voting rights present, contact DailySuffragist [at] gmail [dot] com.