Women on the Battlefield

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Read about the extraordinary and under-appreciated military service of these queer and straight patriots.

LGBTQ Past & Present


Of course there were queer suffragists! Meet some of them in this exhibit, and learn about similarities between suffrage and the...

Charity Castle and Laura Tucker

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I can’t stop thinking about this girl. Her gorgeous smile, her presence in front of the camera. The photo was taken sometime in the 1860s.…

Was there ever a more hopeless quest?

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"What can women offer to offset the influences behind these bodies? They have no money to contribute for party purposes. They represent no…

Cady Stanton, as seen today


Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Sheesh. In 13+ months of daily posts, I've talked around her, rarely about her. Why? “One of the most brilliant thinkers in…

It's National Coming Out Day!

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It’s #NationalComingOutDay Let’s fling open the suffrage closet, shall we? We could start almost anywhere. How ‘bout the biggest suffrage org, NAWSA.…

Hester Lane


The story of Black abolitionist Hester Lane features blatant racism and sexism. But it’s also about a subtler version of both: when you’re expected to…

Lafayette, we are here!

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No one symbolizes Franco-American friendship and loyalty like the Marquis de Lafayette, hero of the Revolutionary War. During WWI, soldiers and…

Olympia Brown


Meet a suffragist who began her career canvassing Kansas in 1867 -- and ended it in 1918 burning Woodrow Wilson’s speeches by the White House. In…

School suffrage in Kentucky ends


Kentucky was first in the nation to grant women school suffrage: the right to vote in school board elections. More than 50 years later, the…

School suffrage in Kentucky begins

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If you could only vote for school board--not Governor, Senator or President--would you? Kentucky was the first state to let some women have “school…

Why men didn't want women to vote

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Katie Porter is why men didn't want women to vote.