Racism in the Movement


White suffragists disappoint us in every era. Rage, critique, question - but don't ignore.

Black Suffragists


You know Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth, but do you know Sarah Smith Garnet? Julia Hooks? William Topp? Meet them!

Addie Hunton goes to war

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Addie Hunton was no naïf, but the shameless racism she saw in her war service shocked her. She spent 1918-19 as one of a handful of African American…

Segregated YMCAs

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During WWI, Addie W. Hunton led a group of African American women welfare workers serving in France under the auspices of the YMCA. The racism Hunton…

How to DO something

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Some *participatory* projects to honor and commemorate the women who fought for freedom: First, obviously: vote, register voters, and if you can, work…

Best film to show your class

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If I told you there was a suffrage documentary that began with Lucretia Mott and ended with Fannie Lou Hamer, that felt contemporary and engaging for…

Du Bois of Great Barrington

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W.E.B.DuBois grew up in Great Barrington, Mass. and kept fond ties to the town all his life. His family periodically took refuge there when white…

Mabel & Florence

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Surgeons gonna surgeon, and Dr. Mabel Seagrave was practically giddy about what she could learn by going to war. She anticipated “a wonderful advance…

Women in war

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Is citizenship earned or inherent? Did women need to prove they deserved the vote? Once the US entered WWI, women were eager to be of…

One year, 100 years


Truth, Anthony & Stanton greeted New York City today under a clear blue sky. When my mother and daughters and I visited in the afternoon, we were…

The biggest misconception re: the 19th Amdt

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Before Jeannette Rankin became a Congresswoman, she was a suffragist. She worked to win the vote in Washington state in 1910, and then in her home…

Entering WWI

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Woodrow Wilson was staunchly opposed to two things: entering the war in Europe, and supporting women’s suffrage. He gave in on the war first. Wilson…