Women on the Battlefield

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Read about the extraordinary and under-appreciated military service of these queer and straight patriots.

Black Suffragists


You know Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth, but do you know Sarah Smith Garnet? Julia Hooks? William Topp? Meet them!


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Have you heard the story of the young legislator who was the hero of Tennessee’s ratification of the 19th Amendment? I’m not talking about Harry…

It ain't over till it's over


When exactly is the 19th Amendment anniversary? Was it ratified on August 18 or August 26? What’s the difference? Which should we observe?  Read on…

Sara Andrews Spencer

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Nation’s birthday party, 1876. Huge party planned. No women speaking. No women mentioned. So women stormed the stage. One of them was Sara Andrews…

Book review

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Hi, my name is Ezra, and I’m reviewing the book Finish the Fight, by Veronica Chambers and the staff of the New York Times.  Not all women could vote…

Opposing the Indian Removal Act

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The first time white women in the US took collective action, it was anonymous. Four women in Hartford, Conn. wrote a petition opposing the Indian…



When I say “Trail of Tears,” can you name where the forced march began & ended? I couldn’t. This is a two-parter. Tomorrow: white women organized…

Belva Lockwood & Dr. Walker

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Belva Lockwood and Dr. Mary Edwards Walker
circa 1912


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Have you heard about the time Frederick Douglass, Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, Mary Ann Shadd Cary, and Belva Lockwood all occupied the Washington, D.C.…

Mary Grew & Margaret Burleigh

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Mary Grew, abolitionist leader & newspaper editor. Her work was respected by all the men in the movement—except her own father. Mary >> back…

Sarah Pugh

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This is the Pennsylvania AntiSlavery Society in 1851. You might recognize Lucretia Mott, front row in the bonnet between her husband James and Robert…