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Some *participatory* projects to honor and commemorate the women who fought for freedom: First, obviously: vote, register voters, and if you can, work the polls: Second, transcribe! @Crowd_LOC makes it easy, anytime. Looks like…

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Leaving this right here.  Why *wasn’t* the centennial coin created a long time ago? No one knows. — Philip Bump (@pbump) November 26, 2019

What if suffrage leaders from US, UK, Canada, Europe were all in one room? In they are! Check out the project @CentOfSuffrage and the amazing, interactive painting by Mireille Miller. #Suffrage100 #KnowYour19…

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Hi, my name is Ezra, and I’m reviewing the book Finish the Fight, by Veronica Chambers and the staff of the New York Times.  Not all women could vote before 1920, when the 19th amendment was ratified. In 1848, the Seneca Falls convention happened in…

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If I told you there was a suffrage documentary that began with Lucretia Mott and ended with Fannie Lou Hamer, that felt contemporary and engaging for students of all ages, and that was only 44 minutes, would you want to hear more? Student multi-media…

-6- Daily Suffragist on Twitter- -Alice Paul seems to be the star of -19theMusical- which just ran a few nights -WomenInTheArts- It-s focused on the last decade of the movement- the conflicts among Alice- Carrie Chapman Catt- -IdaBWells and.png
Alice Paul seems to be the star of #19theMusical, which just ran a few nights @WomenInTheArts. It's focused on the last decade of the movement: the conflicts among Alice, Carrie Chapman Catt, #IdaBWells and others. There were many. 😉 Anyone seen it? 
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