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Mary Britton painting-sm.jpg
Black women in Louisville, Kentucky. 1887. IdaBWells was a rising newspaper star with a weekly column in the American Baptist. That August her publisher, Wm J Simmons, paid Ida’s way from Memphis for the annual convention of the National Colored…

Louisville women at the polls 1920.jpg
Photographs from University of Louisville Library's Caufield & Shook collection.See thread image for illuminating replies re: Kentucky voters.

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More extraordinary Kentucky women, in honor of #BreonnaTaylor. Dr. Mary Britton is featured alongside other journalist-suffragists like Lucy Wilmot Smith and Mary Virginia Cook-Parrish in this beautiful feature by @MayaMillett for @nybooks…

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If you could only vote for school board--not Governor, Senator or President--would you? Kentucky was the first state to let some women have “school suffrage." Waaay first: 1838. (For comparison, Massachusetts women win school suffrage in 1879.) Which…


Kentucky was first in the nation to grant women school suffrage: the right to vote in school board elections. More than 50 years later, the legislature 👇expanded -- and then abruptly revoked -- school suffrage. How come? Because Black women…
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