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The story of Black abolitionist Hester Lane features blatant racism and sexism. But it’s also about a subtler version of both: when you’re expected to choose a side because of your identity, and pigeonholed into what someone like you is “supposed to”…

Kentucky was first in the nation to grant women school suffrage: the right to vote in school board elections. More than 50 years later, the legislature 👇expanded -- and then abruptly revoked -- school suffrage. How come? Because Black women turned…

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More extraordinary Kentucky women, in honor of #BreonnaTaylor. Dr. Mary Britton is featured alongside other journalist-suffragists like Lucy Wilmot Smith and Mary Virginia Cook-Parrish in this beautiful feature by @MayaMillett for @nybooks 👉👉🏾

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Photographs from University of Louisville Library's Caufield & Shook collection.See thread image for illuminating replies re: Kentucky voters.

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Black women in Louisville, Kentucky. 1887. IdaBWells was a rising newspaper star with a weekly column in the American Baptist. That August her publisher, Wm J Simmons, paid Ida’s way from Memphis for the annual convention of the National Colored…

Did you know that the first American woman to speak for equal rights in public, in front of men, was a Black woman? And that she made sure her speeches were published and circulated? When? More than 15 years before Seneca Falls. Who? 👇🧵Maria W.…

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“I tell you that if there is any class of people who need to be lifted out of their airy nothings and selfishness, it is the white women of America.” - Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, 1866 Meet the woman fierce enough to say that directly to…

Later this fall I’ll tell the story of Addie Hunton confronting Alice Paul in 1921, asking Alice to invest in winning the vote for Black women too. +How Addie spent the 1920s: traveling the south, solo, for @NAACP. For now tho, Addie Hunton’s…

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Watch Frances Watkins Harper give her most famous speech! Or as close to it as we can get, thx to @NYHistory. @ArianaDeBose plays Frances delivering “We are all bound up together…” in 1866.#CriticalRaceTheory #CRT #BlackSuffragists

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W.E.B.DuBois grew up in Great Barrington, Mass. and kept fond ties to the town all his life. His family periodically took refuge there when white supremacist violence made Atlanta too dangerous, and his wife Nina and two children are buried there.…
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