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If you know how your members of Congress voted on any given issue, you can vote to retain or replace them. Assuming, of course, that you are allowed to vote. What if you aren’t and you want to speak to Congress? You can ask. Thread. On January 10,…

On July 31, 1913, suffragists commandeered the Senate floor for more than two hours. It was the first time since 1887 that women’s voting rights had been discussed there. How’d they get there? They drove! 🧵 Rosalie Jones’ pilgrimage to Washington for…

-8- Daily Suffragist on Twitter- -Unsurprisingly- DailySuffragist readers know their amendments- As 62- of you knew- the 16th Amdt allowed Congress to levy a direct income tax- They needed to amend the Constitution.png
Unsurprisingly, DailySuffragist readers know their amendments. As 62% of you knew, the 16th Amdt allowed Congress to levy a direct income tax. They needed to amend the Constitution to repudiate a Supreme Court decision that blocked a progressive tax…
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