Some of the reading and listening about slavery that has been most significant to me, annotated, with a caveat at the end. #JUNETEENTH2020 

If you can’t read or zoom one more thing but you’re ready to listen hard: the 11-part podcast History of American Slavery by @jbouie and @rebeccaonion. The episodes on Mum Bett and Anarcha are standouts.

If 11 hours of radio is more than you can do now but you’re ready to hear one human story: @WhatsHerNamePC episode on Harriet Jacobs, which reshaped my understanding of her famous memoir.

If you’re ready to read but want an appetizer first: visit @TeraWHunter’s beautiful website for a taste of her work and then read her book Bound in Wedlock.

If you’re a lawyer and want to see the vast gap between legal cases about slavery and the truth: read Patricia A. Reid’s article “Margaret Morgan’s Story” about the real facts of Prigg v. Pennsylvania, a canonical case.

If you’re interested in pre-Revolutionary America: Kirsten Sword’s article “Remembering Dinah Nevil” is an extraordinary work of academic history.

In all of these recommendations I am mindful of Lauren Michele Jackson’s exhortation to #ShutUpandRead. Or listen. But putting down the devices for something longer than soundbites has been essential for me.


Daily Suffragist






Daily Suffragist, “Juneteenth,” Daily Suffragist, accessed October 6, 2022, https://dailysuffragist.omeka.net/items/show/419.

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