New York Times suffrage reparations


New York Times suffrage reparations


Who tells your story? 🎶

For women, the answer is usually no one. So go buy the Sunday @nytimes. The real thing! You want to hold this special section in your hand if you can.

To tempt you, a few highlights... Don't miss @CathleenDCahill's collaboration with @sarahdeer about Native women past & present, & @Maya__Salam's coverage of the work of @WendyLRouse and others to make sure the movement isn’t kept in the closet.

Everyone will learn something new - as always from @marthasjones_, whose search for her grandmother’s history connects so many threads of the voting rights movement. @jennyschuessler's piece about the Antis made me laugh out loud; and so much more. Even if you read them online!

The best part? It says “won,” not “got” the vote. 👏 And Harry Burn isn’t mentioned anywhere. 🙏

#19thAmendment #Suffrage100 #CenturyofStruggle


Daily Suffragist




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NYT Reparations thread.png


Daily Suffragist, “New York Times suffrage reparations,” Daily Suffragist, accessed May 21, 2024,

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