One year, 100 years


One year, 100 years


Truth, Anthony & Stanton greeted New York City today under a clear blue sky. When my mother and daughters and I visited in the afternoon, we were among many pilgrims. A man jogging by yelled, “About damn time!”

When I began this project a year ago, I thought I knew a lot for an amateur. 😂 I also thought today would be the last day. But, well, I’m not done. I’ll keep posting daily - and meanwhile, I organized the past year of material into a searchable site. Check out the #IdaBWells timeline & the tag cloud!

I have some thank yous. First, to the many, many scholars who answered my questions, recommended books, brainstormed, commiserated & encouraged. Reading your work is a joy. To late-night likers who kept me going, esp. @DeAnnaBeachley @CathleenDCahill @Pubhistorian @DrEFleming7.

To @AlbanyMuskrat, who really gets what I’m doing; and to @dean_lit, who made creating the website such a pleasure. Most of all to @SethMarnin, the best feminist I know, who lets me use his books.

#suffrage100 #19thAmendment #CenturyofStruggle


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