FD Defends the Constitution


FD Defends the Constitution


“The American Government and the American Constitution are spoken of in a manner which would naturally lead the hearer to believe that the one is identical with the other; when the truth is, they are as distinct in character as is a ship and a compass. The one may point right and the other steer wrong. The Constitution may be right, the Government wrong. If the Government has been governed by mean, sordid, and wicked passions, it does not follow that the Constitution is mean, sordid, and wicked.

-Frederick Douglass, March 1860 #ConstitutionDay 


Daily Suffragist


Sept 18, 2020


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Daily Suffragist, “FD Defends the Constitution,” Daily Suffragist, accessed October 16, 2021, https://dailysuffragist.omeka.net/items/show/511.

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