It's National Coming Out Day!


It's National Coming Out Day!


It’s #NationalComingOutDay Let’s fling open the suffrage closet, shall we? We could start almost anywhere. How ‘bout the biggest suffrage org, NAWSA. In its 30 year existence it had four presidents. Three were what we’d now call LGBTQ. 🏳️‍🌈🧺🧵

Susan B Anthony 

Anna Howard Shaw

Carrie Chapman Catt

Carrie might call herself bisexual if she were alive today. So might Maud Nathan, leader of the Consumers Union. Maud had two long, happy relationships in her life: her husband Frederick, who shared her devotion to suffrage, and Corinne Johnson. #bipride 

Alice Stone Blackwell, editor of the biggest suffrage newspaper, was madly in love with her adopted cousin Kitty Barry. They lived together for 15 years; before that they were separated by an ocean, and their multi-year correspondence includes hot role play.🔥

It’s no accident that so many leading suffragists fashioned lives - by choice or by circumstance - that didn’t depend on men. Belle Squire, a fierce tax resister from Chicago, was asked a dumb question and gave a clear answer:

And don’t forget Dr. Mabel Seagrave, who served in World War I in NAWSA’s all-suffragist medical unit. 

There are so, so many more. Follow @WendyLRouse @anya_jabour, and visit DailySuffragist's LGBTQ web exhibit 👉

#suffrage100 #19thAmendment #NationalComingOutDay 


Daily Suffragist


Oct 11, 2020


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