More controversial than preaching from the pulpit


More controversial than preaching from the pulpit


Of the resolutions presented at Seneca Falls, voting was the most controversial. ElizCadyStanton insisted on it, but Lucretia Mott worried it was too radical, too inflammatory. To me it seems pedestrian compared with the other demands women made that the right to preach in church! Still, it was the only resolution not to pass unanimously. It passed narrowly after Frederick Douglass, who had personally escaped slavery, defended it. It’s ironic that suffrage was almost left out of the platform, given that later feminists would regret that all of our equality had been distilled into that one right, as though that were the sum total of the struggle. With voting rights included, the Declaration was adopted & signed by 68 women + 32 men - ⅓ of those present.

Needless to say, every day is a good day to register a voter. Reach out to a young person or someone who recently moved to your state, and help them register at, run by the League of Women Voters. More on them later. :-) #NationalVoterRegistrationDay 


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