Black Suffragists from the 1880s


Black Suffragists from the 1880s


Sharing this gem that @AlbanyMuskrat found: C. Mary Douge Williams of Albany.

A teacher, both in Albany and for 4 years in Freedmen’s schools in South Carolina & Virginia.

A women’s suffrage leader in 1880s - when NY women could at last vote for school board.

The stunning portrait of Mary Douge Williams is from Marian Hughes’ book “Refusing Ignorance.” Out of print, but @AlbanyMuskrat has it - & it's summarized in this long essay from a recent exhibit:

I’m excited to find #BlackSuffragists from the 1880s, because so little of their work in that decade was preserved.

It’s after the split in the movement--which alienates Black women and makes their work even harder to find--and before the rise of women's clubs in the 1890s. J

One exception is Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin, an organizing force across decades. Mary E. Britton 👇is another example of 1880s #BlackSuffragists - in Kentucky! More to come about them both. #Suffrage100


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