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Treat yourself to @cncep’s review of recent suffrage books👇 @DailySuffragist readers know how great @swagner711’s anthology is, and Susan Ware’s collection of objects. I’m saving Elaine Weiss’ @efweiss5 page-turner for this summer, but…


IHO the beginning of our centennial year, a quick spotlight on PRO-voting, anti-suppression tools. While some states are making it harder to vote, these are ways to EXPAND access to the ballot - and they're growing! See end for how to bring these…

A gift! Take a few minutes today to click through the objects in this gorgeous website:


Way down the rabbit hole tonight. Memphis cartes de visites circa 1880s, many from a Gebhardt Studios on Beale Street that had both black & white patrons. A whole cache on Flickr, lovingly annotated circa 2015 by someone I can't identify in real…

When the dust settled, there were two competing organizations, the American Woman Suffrage Assoc. & the National. Some of the differences were apparent immediately, others evolved over time. To keep track, I made a chart. It's open for edits…

-2- Daily Suffragist on Twitter- -It-s getting late in NYC- so for today-s post I will simply point to one of the most satisfying new resources of this centennial year- 👇The -smithsoniannpg exhibit closes Jan 5 - go to DC if you can- Reg.png
It's getting late in NYC, so for today's post I will simply point to one of the most satisfying new resources of this centennial year. 👇The @smithsoniannpg exhibit closes Jan 5 - go to DC if you can! Regardless, this gorgeous book is what you want…


EH19p-aWwAM-9SC (1).jpeg
I got my own set of Notable American Women! I endeavor to post daily using books already in my home or at my library, + online wonders fr @librarycongress & more. But for basic biographical info, NAW is accurate & detailed. Eleanor Flexner…


Lucy Stone tried hard to bridge the gap between pro- and anti-15th Amdt camps. She argued for a middle path that would support Black men’s enfranchisement now, and commit to an immediate campaign for a 16th Amdt for women. But after years of debate,…
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